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Maleic Hydrazide potassium salt 95%

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Products details
Structural Formula :
Purity:95.0% min
Hydrazine:0.20 ppm max
Appearance:white crystallized particles.
Melting Point:296~298 oC
Loss on drying:≤0.15% 
Molecular Formula:C4H3KN2O2
Molecular WT:150.19
CAS No:28382-15-2
Characteristics:This product is in white crystallized particles and tasteless, Soluble in water.
Application:Preparation of soluble potassium or ammonium salt, for potatoes, onions, garlic and other inhibited germination during storage, but also can inhibit the Soaring of lawn. 
Usual Packing:25 kgs / kraft bag with inner PP woven bag or 500 kgs /woven bag.
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